The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) needed help to create a brand for their all new private health care division Maudsley Private Care. The process we delivered to complete this project and typically many other successful brands we have been involved with, is produced in three phases, the Discovery, Creative and Production phases.
The Discovery phase covered information gathering and researching elements of the project such as understanding the needs of the target audience/user group, exploring key and defining messages, exploring creative themes and finally user needs. The Creative phase was where we took stock of all of the things that we  learned during the Discovery phase and so begun brainstorming a number of creative ideas and designing creative concepts. We provided a menu of potential ideas for the brand with rationales behind our thinking and how these design concepts would work in practise by demonstrating their visual presence within required collateral, i.e. home web page, stationary etc. Once we had approval on the chosen concept we began the Production phase. Meaning that we applied the design to all agreed formats including a brand guidance, templates and creating multiple assets.

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