How do you transfer a brand from school bags and uniforms to the school building?
We have a long-standing relationship with Clare House Primary School. This included the creation of a new brand to more accurately reflect the spirit and ethos of the school a few yeas ago. We applied the brand across a number of different formats from uniforms to stationery and documents. In 2016 the school moved into a new building on the site. While offering excellent facilities, light and space, like many new buildings it needed to be brought to life. We suggested to the school that they make use of the large white walls to create a vast canvas of colour. In some areas there are various essential fixtures and fittings on the wall, rather than attempt to disguise them, we incorporated them into the theme of the wall – fire extinguishers became oxygen tanks, windows became fish tanks and fuse boxes became master switches for robots. In addition to providing visual excitement, the wall graphics also work to reinforce the values of the school.
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